Didi Ananda Devapriya: Yoga and Meditation Teacher in Romania

Gratitude Circle – Spread Satisfaction and Joy

Join a Gratitude Circle and feed your soul while supporting vulnerable children in rural Romania!

Happiness doesn’t just happen, it is a practice. It depends on what you focus on. When we slow down and take the time to notice the beauty, love, and positivity all around us in a Gratitude Circle, it nourishes our soul. The sharing builds community and spreads happiness and positivity. Each seed shared, no matter how seemingly small and insignificant grows and multiplies through the sharing.

In the true spirit of Thanksgiving, you are invited to take the time to celebrate your life. We are often caught in doing, doing, doing, which uses up our energy. Moments of community celebration are what return and replenish energy back into that cycle.

Didi Ananda Devapriya will lead this Gratitude Circle, warming up the group first with a few simple ice-breakers. As participation in the Gratitude Circle will be by donation, you will have the opportunity to find out about the children in rural Romania that your gifts will support.

Didi will share the story of the AMURTEL Family, children’s home that she runs in rural Romania for eleven children aged 5-16 years old taken out of situations of abuse, neglect, extreme poverty, or loss of parents. You can experience a satisfying sense of abundance this Thanksgiving, celebrating the good in life with new friends and old, while knowing that you are making a concrete difference for a child like Ion.

Ion only recently came to AMURTEL in April, together with his older sister Alina, after his mother died, and leaving the children with nobody else to take care of them. In AMURTEL Family, he just experienced his first-ever birthday party! When he received a present, he was hesitating to tear the wrapping paper, afraid he would ruin it, because he had never received a wrapped gift! With some gentle nudging from a kind adult, he got over that and tore into the next gift like a pro!

Didi is traveling from Seattle to San Diego until Thanksgiving Day leading workshops to generate support for the AMURTEL Family Children’s Home. The event is donation-based, and all funds raised will support the home.

Set up a Gratitude Circle at your Center and it will be listed here!

About Didi Deva

I am an acarya, or spiritual teacher of Ananda Marga yoga and meditation.

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