Sadhana Camp in Brazil

It was a profound experience to have the honor to lead an intensive 10-day silent sadhana camp in Brazil in January 2020, at the Ananda Kiirtana MU.

It followed a powerful start to the new year with ecstatic, energetic kiirtan greeting 2020 at midnight and through the whole night. Here is a recording of the kiirtan that heralded the new year.  The natural, green setting of Ananda Kiirtana was spectacular.

The sadhana camp program had included hours of deep sadhana, beginning at 5 in the morning with 3 sessions of 45 minutes, punctuated by interludes of 15 minutes of kiirtan.   The group strictly observed maonabrata (silence) during the program, except for the kiirtan and classes.

I led a series of classes themed around Bhagavata Dharma: Vistara, Rasa, Seva, sprinkled with spiritual poetry, stories and Prabhat Samgiita.



The sunrises were just spectacular, every morning. Sharing the spaciousness of silence in a group created an incredible sense of deep connection and lovingness in the group.


It was an honor and inspiration to start out the year with such an amazing group of sadhakas.


Devashiish was a profound model of humble, devoted spiritual service. He began his sadhana at 3 am and the rest of the day in the kitchen, making simple but nourishing food for the whole group singlehandedly.  There was always an abundance of mangoes, tropical bananas, papaya and other fruits.  Vegan meals consisted of brown rice, steamed vegetables and tahini. I loved it. Every evening, a soup with homemade bread.