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Brahmacakra – The Origin and Destiny of Creation

Brahmacakra: The Origin and Destiny of Creation from Didi Devapriya on Vimeo.

When I was in training center, towards the end of the training, I had to memorize the Ananda Sutram. Several of the other sisters in training with me, had been professional actors, dancers and clowns before coming to training. I thought that if we could set the Sutras to music, and then act them out we could make a beautiful performance, and at the same time learn the sutras in a memorable way.

We created a multimedia performance, with Didi Ananda Shubha singing the sutras, slides in the background, and integrating work with masks, modern dance and indian mudras to express the beautiful journey of creation, from its origins in infinite love, to that cosmic destiny of each and every entity that enters into this cycle of creation, to merge once again in that same supreme, infinitely loving consciousness.

A filmmaker saw the performance, and was so touched that he urged us to transform it into film. The entire piece was shot through the middle of the night, during a retreat at Madhu Karuna in the dining hall, transformed ad-hoc into a recording studio.

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About anandadevapriya

I am an acarya, or spiritual teacher of Ananda Marga yoga and meditation.

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