Tantric women tell their stories

I remember meeting  Jayanti  when I was in the Sweden Training Center, completing my second year of acarya training.  She was undergoing cancer treatment, and during her own journey, grappling with mortality, pain and other intense experiences she decided to create a collection of the stories of tantric women. It would prove to be her last gift to this world.

It is a powerful compilation of the personal stories of women on the tantric path of Ananda Marga. The essence of tantra is to develop the fighting spirit to overcome all obstacles by seeing them as teachers.   I contributed as well to this collection “Fire in Our Eyes, Flowers in Our Hearts”  with the story “The Mirror at the Crossroads”.  It is a story from a pivotal moment and extremely intense but healing experience in my life. Although it happened well before I actually encountered my spiritual path, it was one of the experiences shaped my life profoundly.

I was proud to be included alongside so many spiritually strong and dedicated heroic women.

The book can be read online here.