Kvelde, Norway – October 2000

Journal entries – Training Center

The River in Kvelde
I feel the roaring of the river calling to me all day. Every day I am drawn, I have to go to the bridge, so I can breathe again more freely. So mysterious, exciting, fascinating. The swirling, raging, churning waters speak to my soul. Always part of me wants to dive in and be swept into the wild frenzied currents and whirlpools. A desire to merge into that pure power and energy. Always I find You so beautiful in the violent, awestruck power of Nature.

I feel the rocks when I watch. Now after days of rain they are completely submerged under racing waters. I feel them getting polished – centuries of waters rushing over their grating surfaces – will they one day be smooth and shiny and softened by water? How the grinding is constant – never completely free of the water – they can’t breath, always churning. She is so loud this river. I love to scream with her – she embraces all my emotions.

Oct 13, 2000, Kvelde
Sometimes, just spontaneously, without reason such a beautiful feeling arises from my soul and a nameless happiness seizes me and I want to lie down beside you, dive into you. This feeling like I’m going home soon to a waiting Beloved. I felt it today walking in the pouring rain while selling. A stream of water flowing from the corner of a roof was catching the light like a flickering ribbon and for some reason it looked so mystical, and reminded me of You.