Didi Ananda Devapriya: Yoga and Meditation Teacher in Romania


The wildflower blooming in the field
slowly dying in a vase
like a handful of sand
it slips away from the tight grasp

Even a beautiful golden cage
cannot contain the lost freedom of sky
for a songbird

June 2007, Bucharest

Glancing to the mirror

When I am swimming deep in the Spirit Current
every thought is heard and received
as an offering of beauty that leaves no trace
as watercolors of sunset glowing on clouds

When I drift into the World’s babbling Stream
I create beauty, not for the silent Listener
but for myself – a beautiful story to fall in love with
constant glances to the mirror

Ista Mantra

I want to give You
my breath, my life
My every moment
saturated in the hum of Your song.

How many countless lives
in mosquito droning,
in stream babble,
in fluttering tree leaves
have I been dancing through your creation,
blindly whirling to Your irresistable flute? Read more

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