Newspaper article: An American brings healthy food to Bucharest

This is an article that was written about our Community Supported Agriculture project “AMURTEL Social Garden” in Poieni.  It was published on the front page of the  “Romania Libera” newspaper on July 10,2013.

The reporter had spent an entire day with us – travelling to the farm for the interview, and then seeing our Familia AMURTEL home and the Fountain of Hope after school center.  I never suspected the article would appear on the front page however, so it was a big surprise the morning that the article came out – when Iosif, who grew up in Familia AMURTEL and is now  living and working in Bucharest, called up very excited to tell us “Did you see the paper? We are on the front page!”

An American Brings Healthy Romanian Food to the People of Bucharest 

The article is in Romanian – but there is a gallery of pictures from the projects.