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Singing kiirtan with Loredana Groza

By serendipity – or rather the surprising Grace of the Cosmic Dance…I was invited at the last minute to a program at the Indian Embassy in Bucharest.  Loredana Groza, a famous Romanian singer was one of the guests of honor.  We ended up singing a kiirtan with Baba Nam Kevalam (a mantra that means “I am only singing to my Beloved”) and Loredana, with her warm charisma – involved all of the members in the audience in singing the mantra into the microphone. It was an unexpected moment that created a joyful and sweet atmosphere:

The program was organised in order to launch a beautiful book about yoga that has been translated in Braille. The embassy generously donated copies of the book to the Association for the Visually Impaired of Romania – I happen to know the president from a training that we took together about social enterprise, so it was a pleasure to reconnect with him as well.

Here is the entire news story that appeared on television, for those of you that can understand (or guess at) Romanian!



Published paper: Educating Balance in an Accelerating World

This is an article I wrote that was published in the Romania journal of Child Protection edited by “FICE”.

“Educating Balance in an accelerating world”

I also presented this paper in the Pixel Conference in Italia :


As well as in the “PROUTugal conference in Lisbon:

Video from PROUTugal conference

Here is also a webinar on the same topic:

 Webinar recording

“Meditation, the gateway towards our interior universe” with Didi A. Devapriya

See below the special Christmas edition of the TV show ”Dialogues between the mind and the heart”,  led by Stefan Pusca. The theme of the show was ”Meditation – the gate towards our interior universe”. Seven guests participated including:
Didi Ananda Devapriya, Cătălin Iriciuc, Liliana Stanciu, Oana Raluca Badea, Marius Octavian Stefan, Judit Baróti and Anka Lavinia.

What is the difference between relaxation and meditation?

This evening, Didi A. Devapriya appeared for the second time, as the guest of Stefan Pusca on his show “Dialogues between the Heart and Mind” on 6TV in Romania.

The discussion covered the difference between relaxation and meditation, sacred sounds and mantra, the practicalities of beginning a practice and a brief demonstration of kiirtan with a guided meditation.

Newspaper article: An American brings healthy food to Bucharest

This is an article that was written about our Community Supported Agriculture project “AMURTEL Social Garden” in Poieni.  It was published on the front page of the  “Romania Libera” newspaper on July 10,2013.

The reporter had spent an entire day with us – travelling to the farm for the interview, and then seeing our Familia AMURTEL home and the Fountain of Hope after school center.  I never suspected the article would appear on the front page however, so it was a big surprise the morning that the article came out – when Iosif, who grew up in Familia AMURTEL and is now  living and working in Bucharest, called up very excited to tell us “Did you see the paper? We are on the front page!”

An American Brings Healthy Romanian Food to the People of Bucharest 

The article is in Romanian – but there is a gallery of pictures from the projects.

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